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Monday, January 30, 2006

The 161 bus and graffiti art

Jane and Alliance, south of Eglinton West in York, Toronto. I took the 161 Rogers Road bus from here to check out the area along the route the bus took. It venutred through Rogers Road, Oakwood, past Caledonia, Dovercourt, St Clair, and finally Ossington, through Portuguese, Carribean, Italian and all sorts of mixed communities. In the hour it took me to get from Jane Street to Ossington station I fell in love with this community. Its dense housing, unique topography, interesting people and its efficient walkability convinced me to consider buying a house here once I can afford it. In the summer I'll be all over this area taking pictures. People from the 'burbs would probably consider this area too congested, dense and unsatisfactory but what I saw it was too good to be true. {January 28th, 2006}

This area of Parkdale has one of the largest collection of graffiti art in Toronto. Not only is it widespread throughout the alley for blocks but most of it is well articulated and looks amazing {January 27th, 2006}

Art on all corners. Back here the artists don't have to worry about being caught nor do they have to expect their creations to be washed away later so they spend more time and effort making them worthwhile to paint and to be observed. {January 27th, 2006}

Toronto's skyline from Ryerson University {January 23rd, 2006}


Blogger Khalij-Khazar said...

hey that graphiti alley isn't quite in Parkdale...its in the yupster area of Queen West

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