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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Eglinton West subway

These pictures are from the Spadina subway line. (I don't know why it is called the Spadina line when only 3 or 4 stations are actually on Spadina, it should be the Allen line or something). Its pretty dumb in the first place to put the subway down the middle of the highway. They should have placed it somewhere parallel further west so that it would be more accessible to more people and the stations would actually be accessible by foot for a larger community. In Toronto they were successfull placing subway lines under busy arterial roads but for the Spadina line in the 1970s they decided to go through a highway instead. To see great pics and perspectives of the subway in the east end check out Nima's Sermon. {All February 2nd, 2006}

Eglinton West subway station. Eglinton Avenue West was supposed to have its own line by the 1990s because that stretch of road has two lanes each way but one is blocked with parking and the buses are jam-packed. That line never happened, maybe because Eglinton West became a caribbean neighbourhood. On the other hand, Sheppard East got a subway...?

North end of Eglinton West station, the south end of Allen Road

These three pictures are taken from a bridge over Allen Road and the subway between Eglinton West and Glencairn


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